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What Is Lucario Weak Against?

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Lucario, the iconic Steel/Fighting-type Pokémon, is a formidable force in battles. To fully harness its power, understanding both its weaknesses and strengths is crucial. This comprehensive guide explores the intricacies of what Lucario is weak against and what makes it a formidable opponent.

What Is Lucario Weak Against?

Delve into the primary typing of Lucario – Steel/Fighting. This section explains the significance of these types and how they influence Lucario’s vulnerabilities and resistances.

What Type Is Lucario Weak Against:

Lucario’s primary weakness lies in its vulnerability to certain Pokémon types. This section provides an in-depth analysis of the types that pose a threat to Lucario, including common matchups in battles.

What Pokemon Is Lucario Weak Against:

Explore specific Pokémon that pose challenges for Lucario. This section highlights key adversaries and provides strategic insights for trainers looking to overcome these hurdles.

What Is Weak Against Lucario:

Understanding Lucario’s weaknesses opens up opportunities for strategic gameplay. This section breaks down the specific vulnerabilities that trainers can exploit when facing Lucario in battles.

What Is Lucario Strong Against:

Switching gears, this section focuses on Lucario’s strengths. By highlighting the types it excels against, trainers can optimize Lucario’s potential in various matchups.

What Is Lucario Weak Against In Pokémon Go:

For Pokémon Go enthusiasts, this section offers insights into Lucario’s weaknesses in the augmented reality game, providing practical tips for maximizing success in battles.

What Is Lucario Weak Against In Brilliant Diamond:

In the Brilliant Diamond edition, Lucario faces unique challenges. This section explores the weaknesses specific to this version, catering to trainers navigating the Sinnoh region.

What Is Lucario Weak Against In Arceus:

With the advent of Pokémon Arceus, Lucario encounters new challenges. This section outlines the weaknesses Lucario faces in this innovative gaming experience.

Garchomp Weakness:

Explore the matchups between Lucario and the Dragon/Ground-type Pokémon Garchomp. Understanding Garchomp’s weaknesses provides valuable insights for trainers strategizing battles.

Passimian Weakness:

Dive into the weaknesses Lucario exploits when facing the Fighting-type Pokémon Passimian. This section offers tactical advice for trainers seeking an advantage.

Mega Lucario Weakness:

As Lucario evolves into Mega Lucario, its strengths and weaknesses evolve too. This section details the weaknesses trainers need to consider when utilizing Mega Lucario in battles.

Lucario Strengths:

Wrap up the guide by revisiting Lucario’s strengths. Understanding both its advantages and vulnerabilities ensures trainers can optimize Lucario’s performance in any battle scenario.


By comprehensively understanding Lucario’s weaknesses and strengths, trainers can elevate their gameplay and forge a path to victory with this iconic Pokémon. Whether battling in Pokémon Go, Brilliant Diamond, or Arceus, mastering Lucario is the key to success.


What Is Super Effective Against Lucario?

Lucario is an extremely strong and formidable creature, so knowing the best ways to counter one is a necessity. As a Steel/Fighting-type, players can inflict supereffective damage with Fighting, Ground, and Fire-type attacks.

What Defeats A Lucario?

Fire-type Pokemon are especially popular and make a good choice against Lucario. If you have any Fire-type Pokemon that are also Ground-types, you’ll be on to a winning formula.

How Strong Is A Lucario?

Lucario is a powerful Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon known for its speed, agility, and special abilities such as Aura Sphere. In the Pokémon universe, it is often considered a formidable opponent in battles. Its strength and power can vary depending on its level, training, and the skills of its trainer.

Is Lucario Good Against Fairy?

It can’t switch in and its Fighting typing makes Fairy attacks neutral. He is a good Fairy killer though.

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